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The ear, nose, and throat are among the most susceptible areas for infection in the human body. It is in relatively close contact with the external environment. It often serves as the first line of encounter with any pathogen. The defense system of the body also gets activated in these areas immediately. A specialist known as an ENT surgeon or otorhinolaryngologist deals with any illness associated with the ear, nose, and throat region. One of the best ENT hospitals in Vijayawada with state-of-the-art equipment is present in Nandan Hospitals, located at the city's heart.

What does an ENT surgeon do?

There are several issues that an ENT surgeon generally deals with it. Any pathology related to hearing and sense of balance, and also smell comes under their domain. Tumors or swellings in the head and neck region that can affect the voice and cause breathing problems are also treated by an ENT. The treatment procedure can range from microsurgeries to raising and reconstructing the head and neck region through flap surgeries. Nandan Hospitals boasts of having the best ENT specialist in Vijayawada. Anyone can go and get their treatment done there.


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Thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders are also becoming increasingly common these days. It causes hormonal imbalances, which manifest themselves as multiple symptoms in the body. Unfortunately, there are very few thyroid specialists in Vijayawada who can deal with all the organ's complexities and treat the pathologies generally associated with it. Nandan Hospitals is undoubtedly the best thyroid hospital in Vijayawada, with all the facilities for early diagnosis and prompt treatment of any problems related to the thyroid gland.

What are the treatment procedures provided by an ENT specialist?

Surgeries related to the middle ear are a problem that is seen more commonly in children and causes hearing loss at a premature age. Incisions along the membrane of the middle ear help to solve this issue.

Nasal Septum correction- a deviated nasal septum can be a matter of concern, both esthetically and biologically. It can cause breathing issues and also make your nose look crooked. Minor surgeries to correct these deviations and disfigurements are done by the ENT specialist doctor in Vijayawadaat Nandan Hospitals.

Tracheostomy is generally an emergency procedure done when breathing through a normal airway is compromised. Tracheostomy creates an alternative path to facilitate breathing.

Tonsillectomy is the procedure related to removing tonsils, and it is generally done in children with excessive tonsil infections.

Thyroid surgeries- As mentioned before, thyroid problems can cause many problems in the neck region. They can be resolved through the surgery itself. We, at Nandan Hospitals, have the best thyroid specialist doctor in Vijayawada.

Why Choose Nandan Hospitals for ENT problems?

Very few hospitals in India can match the facilities, hospitality, and quality of treatment provided at Nandan Hospitals, Vijayawada. The large number of people who come for ENT treatment here is enough testimony of it. However, suppose you want to get ENT treatment done by the best specialists in Vijayawada, in that case, Nandan Hospitals should be your top priority.

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